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About Blasts

In NativeMsg, Blasts are the messages that can be sent to a group of users who are subscribed to a channel in the application. It is similar to broadcasting a message to a group of people at once. 

You can either send the blasts messages after you create them or schedule the blasts to send at a later date and time.

The blasts message can include text information, audio, and video files. In addition to messages for the users, you can configure quick replies for the users to respond to the message. For example, quick replies to get the phone number, email address, location, or even answers to certain questions from the user.

For a blast, NativeMsg also provides a fallback message option. This option provides a way to send the blast through traditional SMS/MMS. This is useful when there are users who might not be having the devices enabled with RCS (Rich Communication Services).

On the Blasts page, the unsent blasts are shown as Draft. After you send the blast, the draft status is changed to the date and time when the blast is sent or the date and time when the blast is scheduled.

If you do not need any blast further, you can also remove it from the blasts list.

On the Blasts page, you can perform the following operations:

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