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About Humans

In the nativeMsg application, a Human is a living person who interacts with a Bot or an agent using any one of the messaging platforms, like Facebook, Slack, SMS, MMS, and so on.

The Humans page displays a list of all users who contacted a Bot or an Agent in the nativeMsg application.

For each user, the list displays the user profile photo, user name, phone number, the date when the user signed up in NativeMsg, email address, and an icon for the conversation channel.

In the humans list, you can select one or more humans and add tags for those humans. A button to add the tags becomes visible. For more information about managing tags, see Managing Tags.

In the name column, you can also click the human name and view the details about that human. A new pane appears at the right side of the screen. In the panel, you can view the following:

  • Profile photo and name

Click the Message History button to display the conversation history of the corresponding human.

  • Personal human details

The personal details include the following information for the selected human:

  • Handle: The id of the Human in the nativeMsg application.
  • Phone number: The phone number registered in NativeMsg.
  • Email address: The email address registered in NativeMsg.
  • Gender: The gender. It can be M for male and F for female.
  • Mobile carrier: The mobile service provider.
  • Date created: The date when the human contacted a Bot or an Agent in NativeMsg.
  • Time created: The time when the human contacted a Bot or an Agent in NativeMsg.
  • RCS enabled: The enabled¬†or disabled¬†status indicating whether the device is enabled with RCS or not.
  • Bot: The name of the with which the human had a conversation in NativeMsg.

  • Additional settings, attributes, and channels

The check RCS capability button becomes visible only when the selected user using the RCS enabled device for conversation.

Click the drop-down lists to view the available options. The RCS List of Features drop-down list displays the options if the Bot has the RCS channel enabled and the selected human holds the RCS enabled device for conversation.

The panel contains the following information:

  • RCS List of Features: The list of features available if the selected human is using the RCS enabled device for conversation.
  • Facebook Settings: The Facebook settings if the selected human has used the Facebook channel for conversation.
  • Custom Attributes: The custom attributes for the conversation of the selected human with a Bot or an Agent in nativeMsg.
  • Communicating Channels: The channels that the selected human has selected for a conversation with a Bot or an Agent.
  • Subscribed Channels: The channels to which the selected human is subscribed to.

  • Tags

Click the Manage tags button to add, edit, and delete the tags for the humans. For more information, see Managing tags.

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