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Managing a sub account

Sub account is a user that you create in NativeMsg. After creating a user, you can give permissions to the user to perform various actions.

On the Settings page, you can add a sub account and give different permissions for different sections.

Note: The sections are the features that NativeMsg provides in the application. For example, Bots, Conversations, Blasts, and so on.

Creating a new sub-account

  1. In the Manage Sub Accounts section, click New Sub Account.

  2. In the Create Sub Account dialog box, enter appropriate information for the sub account.

  3. Click the Save button.
    The new sub-account is added in the Manage Sub Account section. By default, this new sub-account gets all permissions.

Updating the sub-account

You can update the sub account details along with the permissions assigned to the sub account.

  1. In the Search Sub Account field, search for the sub-account that you want to update.

  2. Make the required changes and click the Update button.
    The sub-account details are updated.
  3. Click the Update button to update the sub-account permissions.
    The Permissions Settings section becomes visible.
  4. Click the Update Sections drop-down list and select the sections that you want to allow to the sub-account.
    In the list, click Select All to allow all sections or click Deselect All to remove all sections and permission for the sub-account.
  5. Click the drop-down list for each permission and select the nativeMsg section that you want to allow for that permission.
    All sections are automatically selected for all permissions when all sections are selected in the Update Sections field.
  6. (Optional) Click the Delete icon for specific permission to remove that permission for the sub-account.
  7. After updating all sections and permissions, click the Done button.

Deleting a sub-account

  1. In the Search sub account field, search for the sub-account that you want to delete.
    The permissions given to the selected sub-account are shown.
  2. Click the Delete Sub Account button.

  3. In the delete confirmation message dialog box, click Yes.

Searching a sub-account

  1. In the Search Sub Account field, enter the sub-account name that you want to search.
    After you enter 3 characters, a list of sub-account names appear. The searched items list contains the names that contain the specified 3 characters anywhere in the name.

    You can also click in the search text field to view the list of all added sub-accounts.

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